aFill Benefits


1200 sachets/envelopes per hour.


Extremely user-friendly system, only one operator needed.

Minimised human intervention

24/7, 7 days per week.


Multiple scanners ensure maximum control.

Cost Reduction

Reduced number of FTEs.


Standard capacity: 2500 lenses and up!


aFill - Automated Envelope Loader

aFill is an automated loading system for sachets (envelopes).

Since simple sachets/envelopes cannot be picked by the gripper, RAX has developed its unique machine to automate loading of individual sachets/envelopes. The packs are loaded into individual trays delivered via the conveyor system. Depending on the customer-specific configuration, the speed of the machine will match that of the rBox.

The aFill system is directly connected to the rBox , so no intermediary machine is needed.

Sachet/envelope size: 8x8 cm (scalable)

Speed: 1200 envelopes/hour, allowing for it to work with multiple rBox at the same time.

Storage capacity: 2500 sachets/envelopes (scalable)


The system will take around 2 hours to load the 2500 envelopes into an rBox and the aFill itself takes around 15 minutes to load.

1 operator can easily manage the system.

The aFill is an automated loading system. It minimises human intervention into the material handling process and allows for prolonged working hours. The system minimises the human factor, making it possible for the business unit to work full time, 24/4, 7 days per week. Making your workflow operationally efficient.

Key Benefits

  • Speed
  • Easy
  • Minimised human intervention
  • Error-free
  • Cost reduction
  • Scalable

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