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RAX Solutions, pionner in the automation solutions, has won the award for the SOLUTION AWARD 4.0 at MECSPE. The jury has selected 6 companies who have an outstanding performance in the automation and robotics industry. The award ceremony took place on the 29th of March in Parma, Italy.

There were many high criteria to meet with to be selected, such as technological solutions, innovative business models, rapid innovation process an so on. The Industry 4.0 law of 2016 aims to encourage companies to invest in automation, robotics, innovative technologies to highlight the importance of transformation processes. As a consequence, it has widely opened the eyes of companies who are still doing mostly everything manually. Due to the rise in demand, automation solution providers had the opportunity to invest in their R&D to develop outstandig robotic solutions. This has been a great incentive for both sides - demand and supply.

This prize is good sign of the outstanding regard for our products as well as full automation solutions. We will use this award to increase the attention of our target market, and continue to grow along with our customers.


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E-commerce is now a core shopping channel for retailers, and it's still growing. 44% of retailers said their margins were negatively impacted by handling and packaging returns.

RAX aims to solve pain points companies commonly experience as goods move through the reverse supply chain.

The primary focus of a retailer is how to quickly move goods through the supply chain and into the hands of consumers, this is called Forward Logistics. The increasing popularity of e/commerce also comes with various difficulties and challenges, such as the return goods managment. Return rates for e-commerce purchases are between 25% and 30%, compared with just 9% for in-store purchases.

Reverse logistics - the process of returning goods from end users back to their origins - is very costly and requires huge investment in order to provide consistent quality of service to the customers.

Not only are retailers experiencing more returns as a result of e-commerce growth, but consumer expectations also demand that retailers provide a seamless process. However, RAX can offer cost-effective reverse logistics solutions, that has opened up a significant opportunity. We are looking forward to hear your story!


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In 2019 RAX will again make an appearance at one the world's largest jewelry exhibitions - JCK.

The jewellery industry is as dynamic as it is fast growing. Expected to grow at 5 to 6 percent each year, the industry must adapt to the latest market rules and that will bring about a lot of changes in the next few years. Jewellery, as well as retail and any other fast-growing industry is strongly intertwined with E-commerce. This creates a strong push for companies to reinvent the way they work and move towards automation, ensuring a fast and secure way to handle every operational aspect: from stock management to order preparation.

Traceability in the jewellery sector has become a major topic in the last couple of years. From blockchain to fair mined materials - companies aim to achieve traceability in various ways. Introducing new methods of jewellery supply chain verification offers both traceability and positive social impact, but those are just challenges related to ethics in metal and gemstone production.

Internal traceability and product lifecycles is another challenge that the jewellery sector is facing today. Online sales are expected to double in the next couple of years, putting even more pressure on manufacturers and retailers.

One of the solutions to these challenges is automation and this is where RAX Solutions comes into the picture.

Sophisticated automation solutions create a powerful foundation for future growth. Automation eliminates many challenges jewellery companies are facing today:

  • Automating loading and sorting of raw materials and final goods
  • Ensuring security and safety by introducing automated storage solutions
  • Refining the workflow by implementing conveyor systems and mobile robots

At RAX we aim to help jewelery companies solve the logistics problems they are facing and move towards a more refined and effortless workflow. Our Solutions are customized and unique to every company: from small to big. 

Come visit us at JCK 2019 and see for yourself!

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